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December 2012

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This page documents the building of a garage from the ground up. This is a one-car garage built onto an existing garage. A job like this takes an extensive amount of planning and design as well as a lot of work. Every step of this build was documented with many pictures and videos.


The project began by marking the property line to prevent damage to the neighbor’s property. We also marked the area where the driveway would be extended to allow access to the new garage. A few measurements, and we are ready to begin.

To start the project we began to cut the existing driveway to make room for where the footer will need to go.

After putting down tarps to prevent damage to the yard, the digging began.

Next we built the concrete forms for the footers and insert the steel rebar, in preparation for the concrete.

To create the driveway extension the area is graded, gravel is spread, and the forms are built. Next holes are drilled into the existing driveway so that rebar can be inserted to tie the whole thing together and add strength.

With the concrete mixed and on site it is a race against the clock to get it poured and finished.

After the concrete is set we could begin to start framing.

After framing, work began to sheath the walls and build the roof.

The first step inside the garage is to install insulation.

With the insulation in place we can start on the drywall and hang the door.

The siding used on this garage is wood T1-11 to match the rest of the house.

After the roof is finished we install flashing and facia.

The next step was to paint the exterior of the garage with primer. After priming, we then filled the nail holes in preparation for the final coat of paint.

The inside of the garage is primed and painted white.

The exterior is painted to match the rest of the house, and wood trim is installed.

And the final product!

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