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    Casey’s Building and Remodeling LLC is a family business that performs both residential and commercial construction work and specializes in residential remodeling in the Charleston, West Virginia area. The company performs any type of construction work and specializes in remodeling, particularly bathrooms, basements, and custom trim, as well as porches and decks.

     If you are looking for a general contractor who enjoys exceeding customer expectations, promptly returns telephone calls, and follows through on promises, call Tim.    The combination of style and quality construction that Casey’s Building and Remodeling LLC delivers adds value to your home.


     Tim Casey, the owner, is joined by his two sons, Brian and Devin, as well as his nephew Bradley.  A high emphasis is placed on the skill, trustworthiness, and pride in craftsmanship of our employees.  When our employees are in your home they are conscientious about respecting your home.  Our experienced crew follows a strict no smoking policy. 


     Let us give your kitchen or bathroom that much needed renovation with our professional crew of expert tile installers and painters. Our experienced deck builders help you design and create your dream deck. Additional services include electrical service upgrades and drywall installation. Choose a contractor who stands behind his work and gets the job done right the first time.  Casey’s Building and Remodeling contractors take pride in adding value to your home and America.  We invite you to view the pictures of some of our satisfied customers’ projects. 

  1. -  New home construction

  2. -  Additions and remodeling

  3. -  Decks and porches

  4. -  Bathrooms

  5. -  Kitchens

  6. -  Basement remodeling

  7. -  Drywall

  8. -  Fireplaces and custom stone work

  9. -  Doors and windows

  10. -  Custom trim and crown moulding

  11. -  Tile floors and walls

  12. -  Interior/exterior painting

  13. -  Custom bookshelves

  14. -  Electrical service upgrades

  15. -  Sheds

    Call Tim at (304) 549-3419

    (304) 346-2013 (phone and fax)


Decks and Porches
     A well-designed and professionally built deck increases the value of a home providing an outdoor living space.  A safe and attractive deck can add to the quality of life for a family, by providing a place for relaxing and entertaining.  
    Every year people are injured and killed in accidents involving collapsing decks or railing failures.  Many decks are built by persons with little or no knowledge of  building code requirements. Deck safety requires attention to static and live loads of the deck.  Particular attention must be given of the support foundation and attachment to the house.  Our contractors take deck building  seriously and go the extra mile to assure the safety of your family.
    Railings must be able to provide a safety barrier for all persons using a deck.  Railings are required on decks 30” or higher above the ground.  Many decks built without consideration of building codes have railings that are accidents waiting to happen.  Railings posts must be bolted to the deck structure and withstand a 200 lb. lateral force.  Railing height must be at least 34” and baluster spacing should not exceed 4”. Children and pets can easily be injured if railings are not built to code specifications.  Avoidance of ladder-type railings that can be climbed by children is particularly important.  
    Everything of value has a solid foundation. Decks are no different;  they must be placed on a foundation that is not affected by freeze/thaw and can support the static and live load. 
    The frost line in the Charleston area is 24”.  A proper foundation begins with a concrete pier placed below the frost line and rises to grade level........... Proper Deck BuildingProper_Deck_Building.htmlProper_Deck_Building.htmlshapeimage_13_link_0shapeimage_13_link_1
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Phone: (304) 549-3419